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2002 Lincoln Continental Tail Light
Taillight, Passenger Side xf3z\aa 2002 Lincoln
1978 Ford Bronco Tail Light
Taillight, Driver Side \LH, 6DR, 2-90, E350, 158K
2000 Plymouth Breeze Tail Light
Taillight, Passenger Side OUTER 2000 Plymouth
2003 Subaru Baja Tail Light
Taillight, Driver Side gate mtd, L. 2003 Subaru
2003 Ford Windstar Tail Light
Taillight, Passenger Side R. 2003 Ford Windstar
Taillights - Led Tail Lights

LED Tail Lights

Tail lights light the tail. OK, this was hardly a sentence worth reading but it got the subject started for sure. The tail lights are indicative lights and not the light source. They will light up when the headlights or the parking lights have been turned on. Applying the brakes also

triggers them. Then what happens when you apply brakes with headlights already on? This is not a trap, they will simply brighten up. The tail of a car is not very clearly visible to the driver and the judgment is also difficult, often causing the tail lights damageTail lights are similar to turn indicators. The difference is that both of them light up at the same time. Although some of the so called modified bikes have both of the indicators flashing all the time, it is useless. Like the turn indicators, the tail lights too have a reflector inside, behind the lamp, which directs the beam backwards. The incandescent lamp has been used for the indicator for long time. The filter cum outer covering of the light is red in color and mostly fiber plastics are used for it to allow light weight and creative sturdy structure.

In the recent years LED's have been used in the tail lights by some of the car and bike manufacturers. LED's consume less battery, are light and are current tolerant. These make them a favorite. Next thing is the LED's are available in many colors, thus for say the LED tail lights, there is no need to filter out the remaining wavelengths and waste the energy. One more advantage is that with correct circuit, even if one of them in an array fails, others can work perfectly fine. The only drawback is they are expensive than the incandescent bulbs.

All of these lights are red. This is not just some convention. The red wavelength of light can penetrate longer in air. Thus the lights are visible from longer distances. Further, these being indicators, the visibility matters the most. The visibility also depends on the placement of the lights. If they are placed wide apart like jeep wrangler tail lights are easily visible. Even the higher placement helps in similar way. The prime function of all the indicators is to catch the eye of as many as possible and that too quickly. Thus the color, intensity and the placement play in important role.

These lights are meant for the indicative purpose but none the less do they add to the looks of the car. LED Tail lights are a major upgrade product for the looks. The design of the 2003 Honda Civic tail light was a stunner. The triangular design is still popular in the community. The overall appearance of the car starts building with the front bumpers and headlights as it approaches you and the in last glimpse of it the tail lights are remembered. That is why they are so important for the looks and the safety on the road. To know more kindly visit products
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